Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nate the Pirate

On the last week of school, Nate had a Renaissance fair. They could dress up as pirates or princesses. Believe it or not, but Nate did consider dressing as a princess, but I was able to convince him that he could go as a pirate...that I would make him a costume.
 So believe it or not, the night before I made him his hat, sword (well it goes with his lego ninja), eye patch and hook. All crocheted.
 He wore a yard of fabric that I cut a hole in the top and tied a piece of fabric around as a belt and an old handkerchief of his Dad's. I was very impressed with myself and am pleased that we will have it for Halloween if the need arises!
 Here is Nate and his teacher Mrs. Fenn. She dressed as a princess!
 Here he is with a good friend of his, Lucy. Notice his look? That is how "pirates" look!
Then here is his class! I took pictures with his teacher's camera but I accidentally dropped her camera and broke it! Thank goodness the school year is over, I got the feeling that I wasn't her "favorite"! But who could blame her??