Friday, July 11, 2008

Brandon and Nathan’s Last Day of GIANT Steps

Very rarely do I get the boys to stand still so that I can capture a moment, but on the last day of school I threaten them and they stood still for me long enough to caught a few pictures.

This was the only year for Brandon at GIANT Steps but Nathan will be able to go again next year. I am really excited that Nathan gets to go again next year, I think he really needs it and he improved so much this year. Brandon gets to move onto kindergarten. He is very excited about it and is always asking where is new school is.

I love GIANT Steps and how much they help the children as well as the family. I have involved myself a lot with their school and have learned so much more than I would have if I wasn’t as involved. I have learned more on what I can ask for as in services for the boys as well as a bigger look at how GIANT Steps works. I just wish that there were a lot more school like GIANT Steps out there to help the thousands of children affected by autism.

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