Monday, July 28, 2008

Spicy Chips

A long time thing in our house is the fact that Nathan and Daddy like spicy things while Brandon and Mommy don't like spicy things. Nathan keeps going on that Kimball likes spicy and tries to get him to eat spicy things, like his favorite chips. Doritos Sweet-Spicy Chips. We always save Kimball from being forced fed chips by Nathan, but today Nathan had a bag of his favorite chips and had them with him all over the house eating. He had finally left them in the hallway. Kimball found them while touring the house scrounging food (he is a bottomless pit). To my surprise he was sitting there eating the chips. It was towards the end of the bag so there were basically crumbs. He was enjoying himself nicely. I think that the chips are so hot so I got him some water to drink as well, but he didn't seem to want it. So Nathan has his wish and Kimball does like Spicy Chips. Nathan is so proud!

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The Picketts said...

OH MY GOSH CRYSTAL! He is such a cutie!!!! What a great little smile he has. He's definitely going to be a heartbreaker someday!