Monday, July 28, 2008

24th of July Fun

On the 24th this month we decided to go to a parade in Mapleton. We watched a little parade with Grandma and Grandpa Walker, Uncle Derick and Aunt Rose, and Aunt Melissa and her family. Daddy unfortunately was at work (something about it is only a holiday in Utah). The boys had a great time! The loved that people were throwing candy. They would run into the street and grab some, and then run down the ways from us and get all the candy they could grab. Thankfully it was only elderly people that were sitting next to us so they didn't mind that my boys were grabbing their candy.

After the parade we went to the park there and played games. The boys had a lot of fun, although it was extremely hot and there were tons of people there. We waited in lines that were about 20 minutes long! They had big blow up slides that they wanted to go down. Brandon loved them but Nathan once he found out that they were a little hot he had nothing to do with them, even if he was at the top of the slide and refused to go down and came down the steps instead.

It was a fun day to celebrate the pioneers coming into Utah over a 100 years ago. Even though the boys didn't really understand why there was a parade or games I hope that this will become a tradition that we can continue and when they get to the point where they can understand things more we can talk about our pioneer history.

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