Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Project Done

Okay so moving into a new place we would like to upgrade some of our stuff, mostly to make it all match. So we decided that the entertainment center needed a face lift. I really liked the natural wood color that it had, but ever since Brandon and Nathan decorated it with fingernail polish, it just hasn't been the same. So with the help of my cousin Amy, she helped me decide what I should do with it. So we (Travis and I) painted it black. The first coat we put on wasn't "black" enough. You would think all black is black but no. So I went and got another type of black and it looked much better. So it got two coats. We haven't decided if we wanted to destress it or not, but after putting the doors back on and the tv in, it got scratched a little, so we might end up getting destressed, but for now it is done. One project can be checked off the list.