Monday, August 11, 2008

Nathan's Birthday

My baby turned 4! How do they grow up so fast, I just remember when we were in the hospital and he graced us with his presence. Now four years later he is just a big boy and so independent.

We decided that Nathan was now aware of friends and how like a party for his birthday. Since he went to school last year we had a lot of friends that we could invite to our party. But since Nathan went to an autism preschool, guess what type of children there were, Children with Autism. It was great! A great environment for our children to be “normal” for once. No one cared that your child was right in their face talking about transformers because their child does the same thing. We had kids playing in the swimming pool, or in the living room putting together tracks or up in their bedroom playing on the very high bunk beds. It was great turn out. We had 17 kids, 3 babies and 14 adults. Out of the 17 kids, 10 of the kids have autism. Nathan was thrilled with everyone who came, he got so excited. Brandon did end up having a friend from his class come by and he was ecstatic. But after an hour of swimming in the pool, he was done. After trying to get his friend to come watch Scooby doo with him, he decided that maybe if he wrote it down he could get him to come, so he finds paper and pencil and writes it down, still a no go. But another hour later he was fine with the fact that his friend was playing elsewhere, and he was enjoying Scooby doo by himself. It was just cute the way he was completely done after an hour. Nathan was thrilled and looked overwhelmed at times with so many people. So towards the end of the party he would just wander from room to room.

We had his party on a Saturday but his birthday was actually on the 31st, which was a Thursday, so we had a mini celebration with that and had cupcakes. He was thrilled because he had a 3 day birthday. Even now Nathan tells everyone about his party that he had, cashiers, and people standing in line behind us, anyone within range once he sees anything that you use a birthday party. So all the work and stress involved was completely worth it, just like I knew it would be.

Waiting for Cake

My only picture of his cake....opps

All of the kids were so excited to see his toys.

Brandon watching Scooby Doo, while others are playing trains

Mommy's watching their kids swim

Sword fight with noodles

Brandon Sun bathing or trying off?

Nathan wondering from room to room....where to next?

Swimming fun!

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