Monday, August 25, 2008


The summer is almost over and we finally get out to go camping. We were meaning to earlier on in the summer but things happened and then we moved. So when Travis’s friend from work said that she had property by Dushcene, we jumped on the idea of camping.

We left Friday after Travis got off work and went. The boys were so excited. They loved the flash lights we got them and the fire, and the smores! They were so excited Friday night that they didn’t go to bed until around 11:00pm. Saturday morning at 7:30 am (very little sleep with the boys waking up, and then Brandon talks in his sleep!) We had a wonderful Dutch oven breakfast. Travis really enjoyed cooking over the fire. We then got ready to go swimming at Starvation Lake. They had a little beach area that we went to, and the boys had a blast! Nathan at first wouldn’t go near the water and would only go ankle deep then, and 3 hours later he would go to the waist. My thought is that he didn’t like extreme temperatures, and the water was a little cold. Nathan also made a sand castle with Daddy, although a few minutes afterwards Brandon tried to knock it down. Oh well, boys will be boys. But Brandon loved the water, he was a fish! He loved hanging on to mom and dad while we swam out to the deep areas. I really need to get him into swim lessons! Kimball loved the water too, but rather sit at the edge of the water and watch the water come in and out. Travis and I enjoyed swimming out and riding the waves that the nearby boats created.

Then after swimming they had a shower in the nearby camping area! YEAH A SHOWER! So after getting cleaned off we went into Dushcene to their local grocery store to check it out. Travis’s friend from work was with us with her boyfriend and her mom. Her mom was taken with the boys and bought the boys a toy! And guess what they had, they had transformer dinosaurs! (We are in a big dinosaurs kick.) For the rest of the afternoon we just relaxed and played card games. Although the boys were tired and needed a nap, so we went to lie down in the tent, which was flaming hot! Nathan and Kimball fell asleep but Brandon was restless, so we finally got up and Brandon got to ride on a four wheeler. He really enjoyed it, but said it was different from Daddy’s scooter. The guy that took him said that he would speed up to try and scare him a little, but he just loved it more! I can guess what he will be like when he gets older. That night after some wonderful steak that Travis made we made toasties (bread with pie filling in it sandwiched together and toasted) we went to bed. Travis stayed up later, but I was beat after the day, and the sun had gotten to me. Brandon was out fast, and Kimball and Nathan shortly followed him.
The next morning we enjoyed yet another yummy Dutch oven breakfast and got ready to go. We really enjoyed ourselves but more than 1 day of camping right now is just too much. With the boys not sleeping well, and just all the work we can only hand e a short weekend. But we all enjoyed ourselves very much! We came home Sunday afternoon and took naps and relaxed!
It is nice that we can get away and have a great time as a family. The boys had a blast and next year (if we don’t go again this year) will be even better because Kimball will be able to walk and the boys will be a little more used to camping.


The Nielsen Fam said...

It sounds like you had a lot of fun. We made a goal next summer to go camping when I am not pregnant. But then we have to get a tent. Anyway, your boys are super cute.

thesorensensaga said...

You look like you had so much fun! I love all those pictures! Your boys are all so cute! We are going camping this weekend too!