Friday, July 11, 2008

Swimming at School

In the month of June the boys still went to school but every afternoon they would go outside and swim for about an hour. They LOVED it! They always had a great time. Although there were some things that Brandon and Nathan has issues with.
Brandon one day was very concerned and would not swim because one boys was letting the water out of one swimming pool (they had 2 of them) and so the water levels were not even and one has too “little” water. He was so concerned with it that he would not swim in the pool that had the “little” water but would not even swim in the pool that had the normal amount of water in it. He would walk around the pools and scratch his head like he was thinking on how to get the water level up or what he should do. Even with all the attempts that I made to try and get him to get into the water he would scream and holler when I tried.
Then Nathan one day would run around and squirt everyone with water but when anyone tried to squirt him he would get mad. Well one of his teachers thought it would be cool to throw him in the water, well she did (with my permission) and he just had a cow (not literally). Then he would run around telling everyone that he had his head in the water and he didn’t want his nose in the water. So me being the mean mother I am thought it would be very funny to get him into the water again. So I picked him up and dunked his head in the water. Now mind you I did not get his nose in the water at all. Needless to say he didn’t like it at all. HAHA I am such an evil mother. I think deep down he enjoyed it. He jus t liked how I was there.
Kimball had fun at these swimming times, although all the teachers who were sitting down in the shade loved to watch him and hold him. However Kimball is a very big Mommy’s boy, so every time he would see me he would crawl to me as fast as he could. He did not like the water at all. Even though I tried to help him in the water a couple of times he just didn’t like it. I think the water may have been too cold.

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