Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Bikes

Travis and I decided that for this summer Brandon and Nathan needed new bikes. Brandon had a small girls bike that was given to us and Nathan had a tiny bike that was stolen. When we got the bikes, both Brandon and Nathan were so proud and couldn't wait to ride them.

The next day after school we went to a near by area that had a nice place where Brandon and Nathan could ride. They were so excited. Brandon rode his bike great and was so fast he had to keep stopping to wait for Mom and Nathan to catch up. Poor Nathan was so fasinated with his pedaling that he would run off the cement onto the grass. I had to keep telling him to watch where he was going.

Brandon was the greatest big brother and was trying so hard to help Nathan. He just couldn't understand why Nathan wouldn't go as fast as he was. You could tell that he was very confused by it. But at one time he stopped and waited until Nathan was right next to him and said, "I'll help you brother, I will keep you safe." It was so cute! Brandon does love his brothers and Nathan just idolized Brandon.
I think we will have such a great time this summer with our bikes.

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Robyn said...

Ah, that's so sweet. It's so great when they decide to get along and help each other, isn't.

Looks like they're having a ton of fun. Kylie's complaining about needing a bigger bike this summer, so we'll be making a purchase soon.