Thursday, May 8, 2008

Putting on the Armor of God

On Monday night Nathan had probed Mom to have Family Home Evening (FHE). Well I got an idea from my cousin in California about a lesson she did with putting on the Armor of God. While shopping at the Dollar store I found some foam helmets, shields and swords. Well we had a nice lesson about the Armor of God. Our Sword represented truth, and our Shield represented faith. Brandon and Nathan were extremely excited about it all, and was more than willing to repeat back what each meant as long as they could have them!

Along the way Kimball would watch and see what his brothers were up to as they played with Dad. He even aloud Mom to put a helmet on him as well. It was funny to watch him crawl around watching his older brothers and father. We all had a good time as a family.
Although after the end of the evening after so much play, the shields and swords are now out of use. I guess that is what you get for $1 toys. It was nice though to have nice and safe toys that the boys (Daddy included) could play with and not hurt each other.

I am so thankful for my family and our ability to have FHE and the eagerness that my boys show in having it. I hope that as they grow older they will still find that they enjoy FHE as a family.

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