Monday, February 15, 2010

Family History Monday

Did you have any pets? If so, what kind and what were their names?

Oh I had tons of animals growing up! Since I spent my younger years living on a ranch we had at least 10 cats or more at a time and always had a dog running around. Unforunately I cannot remember all of them. I do remember one of my cats was Smoky, I trained him to come to a whistle. But did this by holding a piece of meat in my hand. We also had a black lab that I liked to play with. I think his name was Midnight. He was a stray that came to our home. We also had another dog I remember who's name was Benji. He is buried behind our old home (my brother now lives in) under an old tree. We also had a cat name Taco, he got ran over, head smashed in the door and still lived! Those are some of the pets that I can remember most.

Then we had horses. They were technically my Dad's but they were all of the family's! I learned how to ride on a Grey horse named Flint. He was saved from car accident by my dad. He took care of him and he turned out to be an awesome ranch horse and a great Header horse (for team roping - a rodeo event). And then there was Skitter, and the came Luke (I still love to ride him) and then Scooter. I won a many pole bending events on him (another rodeo event). I feel like I am forgetting some, but those are the ones that I can remember. Flint and Skitter are burried in the arena on the ranch. We also owned a goat. Billy Goat Gruff, such traditional names I know. But we used him for a little while when he was young to goat tie (another rodeo event, but for younger kids). Then he grew up and spent his days eating. He was a very FAT goat.

Then once we moved to town, around the age of 12, we had a dog named Ginger. She was a cocker spanel. She was such a fat dog! Then we got Brandy (she died recently, poor girl). We also had two orange cats, Garfield and Ottos. They would sleep in my room. I missed them the most when I moved away to college. Unfortunately all of these animals are now passed away. I firmly believe that they are living in Pet Heaven.

Still in my old home there are more animals to be found. We grew up loving animals and I think until we die we will constantly have pets. Unfortunately since I have been married, or since I moved away from home I have not owned a bet besides a hamster, lizard, snake and fish. I cannot wait until I can have my own dog or cat. I haven't missed my allergies to the cat hair but my love for the animals will eventually over ride my desire to breath better. When we buy a home one day, soon there after I will get myself an animal and hopefully pass on the tradition of animal love. And maybe one day I will own a horse again!


Pat said...

You might know. Pets drew me to your blog fast. I didn't walk, I ran. LOL I had a Cocker Spaniel-Cuddles, when I was a kid. After I got married we had these dogs: we had a German Shepherd-Toby(15yrs), we had a Rat Terrier-Ike(20yrs), we had a Regular Snouzer-Buffy(7 yrs), and I presently have a miniature Snouzer-Muffin Karen(11 yrs), and very spoiled. Really like your blog.So much fun!!!

The Picketts said...

I remember most of those animals! I rode all of those horses at one time too - there was also Nightlock? I think you guys called him Nighty or something. I remember going to one of your rodeo events and I got to ride Nightlock the whole time. I remember joking about realizing why it was that cowboys walked the way they did after riding so long. ha ha ha - That was SO long ago!