Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feburary Quilting Bee Blocks

This is Rene's month for me! I had her Round Robin block as well as her Quilting Bee block this month! I just finished her Quilting Bee block. She asked for crosses of our own design and she sent us some pretty fabric to work with.

I was inspired by a cross that I saw at the RLDS building several years ago. It was a large wooden cross made up of tons of different wood from all over the world. It was very pretty. So this is what I came up with.
This was my original design that I thought about but when I was finished with, it didn't look exactly how I remembered the RLDS cross looked. So I tried again...

Here we go, this is what I remembered. Although my measurements were thrown off and so I had to add more to the sides. So these are my blocks...

(I finished these at night and so there was no sunlight...but I wanted to let Rene see them asap)

So using the fabric that Rene is what I made

She wanted two blocks so I just doubled the order

The color is really bad, but they turned out very pretty to me

Here is a close up of the cross so you could see the different size strips. It did take quite some time, but I think well worth it in the end. Although looking at it it's not 100% alligned, so on the spur of the moment they can become wonky crosses! :D


Luv 2 Kreate said...

Crystal I couldn't be happier with my crosses. They turned out so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your inspiration story too :) I can't not wait to add these to the quilt!

Thank you so much for ALL my blocks :) I know you worked hard.

Mrs Moen said...

The cross blocks are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

They tured out very nice