Thursday, February 25, 2010

Someone's little boy...

With both Brandon and Nathan at school, Kimball gets the full benefit of Mom and Dad at home with him during the day. (Travis has had his hours switched at work and he now works the late afternoon evening shift). Today Kimball wanted me to help him make a train track.
I am not that good at getting the train tracks even or make sense, but it worked for the 30 minutes that it was together.
ere is Kimball needing my help, and saying "choo choo"
Kimball has something called the "happy dance" where he just jumps up and down. Here he is doing his Happy Dance.
Here is Daddy helping Kimball get those last few tracks in. He was mad (Kimball) because we had ONE loose track!
Yeah we get to play!
Then we went into the computer area, Travis's computer has been having issues so he needed to fix it. Since Kimball is such a Daddy's boy, he is often found on his lap. Today they were eating their "toes". Kimball started bitting his own toes!!
Then he would cry and have Daddy kiss it. This went on for about 4 different times.
Then we were just sad!
But thankfully Daddy was there to help him. He is such a Daddy's Boy!
Who couldn't love this little boy?


Amy and Cody said...

Aw, prescious. Nice work with the train tracks :).

Luv 2 Kreate said...

such a sweet little guy. He sure looked like he was having fun with the train set! We had a wooden train set when the boys were little. It was the most played with toy we ever had. Fun times :)

I love reading your blog, brings back tons of memories!

Sweet Grandma Rita said...

So much fun to have both daddy and mommy together to make their days so bright and fun.

Pat said...

How sweet! Such nice family photos.