Friday, February 19, 2010

A sign of Spring??

It has, well a few days ago began to become warmer and the snow had melted away. To celebrate the warmth we went out side to jump on the trampoline for some time. The boys had such a fun time. Here is a few pictures as well as a video that Brandon insisted that I take of him jumping.
They were playing a game, "get the baby" Kimball loved the game
I then thought that this picture was so funny! Bear in mind that no one was hurt while playing...just a lot of laughing!
My cute Kiddos. I would also like to post a video, but can't seem able to do it. Anyone have advice in that area?


Luv 2 Kreate said...

Crystal, the boys look like they are having so much fun...put a smile on my face, but also a slight tear in my eye...makes me miss my 3 guys being little. Looks like a day at my house just a few short years back :) Enjoy every moment while you can!

Sweet Grandma Rita said...

What fun for the boys to get out and be able to jump and run! Maybe you have a few signs of spring, but all we get is more snow!! LOL