Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Pet

If you know Kimball; you know that he LOVES his Puppy! He cannot sleep without him and loves to tag him along.
I received a package from Pat yesturday with my goodies that I won from her Valentine's Day Giveaway. Along with the wonderful things was a cute little monkey was in there. Kimball immediately took that and carried it around with him all day!
Then he started this game of hide and seek with it, but it turned into putting Money into jail.
At one time Puppy was in jail too, but mostly it was Monkey
After he tired of the game he continued to carry it around with him. Thanks Pat for the wonderful gifts and the wonderful new toy for my baby! :D Then of course I had to get a picture of Daddy and Kimball. For those who don't know, Kimball is a HUGE Daddy's boy!
My Cute boys!

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Pat said...

Crystal, That was so cute. Just so adorable! That's what I love about your post most, is your family photos on your blog, everyone having so much fun. It's so great to see such a nice family closeness nowadays. That is so cute with the little monkey.