Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crazy Mix Up Quilt DONE!!!

I did finish this quilt on Sunday and washed it on Monday. I also made pillow cases to go with the quilt. I am very pleased with what I ended up with.
I love the back, although the color has faded. I was able to find some fabric that was 108" wide! It was awesome.

I was a little worried when I was outside taking pictures that it might be too small, but when I put it on the bed, it fit perfectly!

I had a left over of the brown plaid that I made large pillow cases with, then I had some squares left over from the quilt that I turned into pillow covers. They are very pretty in my opinion. I finally have my own bed set!


Luv 2 Kreate said...

I love the back too :) Gotta enjoy those moments like finding just the right size in a fabric that matches!

Amy and Cody said...

Love the back- faded looks really cool, and your pillows are seriously cute!!