Monday, February 8, 2010

Family History Monday

What do you believe is the key to a successful marriage?

I think this depends a lot on each individual and their strengths and weaknesses. But I think what would help every marriage is communication and compromise. Travis and I have done a lot of both.


Luv 2 Kreate said...

Forgiveness and respect!

Pat said...

You are right on. Ron and I could always talk and knew what each other were thinking before we even said it. He would leave me little notes and pick me up special cards and leave them for me on the table. Also little gifts sometimes. Didn't necessarily have to be my birthday or a holiday. I did the same for him. We loved and cared about each other and each others feelings. We never went to bed without saying, "Goodnight, I love you, see you in the morning." We also kissed when we had to leave for work. We never got mad and raised our voices. Never. We just always talked things over and worked together on things. He was even involved in my quiltmaking, our businesses, and everyting. I feel I was very blessed.