Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of School

Brandon started school a week ago while Nathan got to stay home and wait a week. Brandon is now a 1st grader, my baby is getting too big! And Nathan is now in Kindergarden. This is not the boy's first years of school, they have been both going to school for the past 2 years and with that help they have improved so much! Brandon goes to the school right across the street for us, so we get to walk to and from school. He tells me that he can walk by himself, but for my comfort I help him a little. So our goal is by the end of the year he can do it all by himself. Nathan was so excited for Brandon and was sad that he had to wait another week to start school. Then when we were leaving Brandon, Kimball started to cry, he wanted Brandon. He knows that when the bus comes they go, but leaving him somewhere, he didn't like. So Nathan started today. My babies are growing up! Brandon's school starts at 8am and Nathan's starts at 9am. So Brandon leaves before Brandon, while we wait for Nathan's bus to take him to a school that has an small autism group kindergarden. He has the exact teacher as Brandon had last year. After Brandon goes to school we have 40 minutes to wait until Nathan's bus comes, so today (and I expect every other day too) we watch some morning cartoons to pass the time.

Last year we rode a "big" bus but this year we get a small one, I rather like the smaller one! Nathan was so excited that he ran out of the door and forgot to give me a kiss! It's okay we will make it up when he gets home! So now I will spend my days as a mother of one child! I am kinda excited because when I run errands it is a whole lot easier. But now Kimball and I can play together and spend one on one time together. Although you would think that since my older kids are gone that I will have a lot of spare time on my hands, but that is not the case. I try to volunteer at least once a week for the boys, or every other week and then other volunteer things that I do for the school. Then my friend and I will be swamping babysitting so we can go volunteer. So needless to say I will still be as busy as I always am. So begins another school year for the Hendrix family!

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