Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I do consider myself some what crafty. I love to crochet and I enjoy making afghan, but now I am trying to make clothing by crocheting them. I always have loved the long sweaters that are knitted, but since I don't know how to knit, I have found a few patterns that are for crocheting. One is more the style I want, and the other is the easiest pattern I could find (okay so I am just not that good, and have taught myself how to read patterns) So I am making two different sweaters to see which one I would perfer!

Then while I was reading my email, a normal daily activity, I was sucked into different web pages and blogs! The majority of the blogs I looked at today were about quilting. Now I bought material to make Travis and I a quilt about 7 months ago, and haven't done anything with it. So when my mother came out to visit I had her show me the basic technique and whatnot. So now I am making two quilts (maybe I just like two). One for Travis and I, although that is taking a back burner while I try to get more material for it (I didn't get enough and now it is too small for our bed!) and I have started a quilt for Kimball. He currently doesn't have any quilts and so I am making him one. He is quite excited because it is with Thomas! (He has become quite obsessed with Thomas the train lately, well okay for the last 6 months at least). So I am finishing that up here and there. But as I was searching blogs I have become inspired to try more quilting ideas. So here comes more projects! I finish one and I just go onto another. I guess I find it relaxing and satisfying to make things.

Here are two different quilts that I want to make. I love the pattern and think they are just awesome! A string quilt and a beno retro quilt. But I will have to wait because funds are not in the budget right now for quilting, but here and there I will begin. But i will make sure that I post my creations during and after they are done.

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