Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finished Project

Last night I finished Kimballs quilt!! And I didn't get it done fast enough! Kimball has been bugging me all week for it and would try to steal it, although would let it go when he got poked by a needle. So last night Kimball woke up (by falling out of bed) and so we got him up and comforted him. But by the time he went to bed again he got to take his new blanket with him, and he LOVES it!
We have already become very attached to it, and right now will not share it with any brothers. Nathan is sad and really wants a blanket too, but I have already ordered some more material so that I can make him a quilt too.
No model today, but the floor, although it took me quite a bit to get it away from Kimball and to keep him away long enough to take a picture. My first quilt ever done!


Anonymous said...

I am so impressed! Looks awesome! Your boys are such little studs!! Hope this new school year goes great for you and your boys!!!

Lopez Life said...

GREAT JOB!!! I'm glad Kimball loves his new blanket!

Amy and Cody said...

So cute, I love that he won't share. You did SUCH a good job! My first quilt was a little sketchy :) your's looks great!!