Friday, September 14, 2012

Piano Quilt

Back in August...

I have this awesome deal with a friend.....she gives my boys piano lessons and I make her quilts! Her first order was a green/red/brown quilt for her nephew's wedding.

I created this quilt and actually have a variation to it for the Moda Bakeshop that I am working on! I consider myself really grateful for this arrangement! I can't afford to give my sons piano lessons but I can do trade! She already has lots of other ideas for quilts so yeah....piano lessons will and could go on for years!
 Like my figure in the picture? I thought it "needed" that little extra touch! I just picked random fabric colors of stuff that I had and what I found at the store. I think overall it turned out rather well. But I would rather work with sets like Moda has.
 I did a wandering stitch.....and I actually got my Juki to work too! (Been having issues)
For the back I finished using all of the scraps and left over pieces. The back took almost as long as the front took! I think it turned out rather well too! Very nice!


karen @ badlandsquilts said...

I absolutely LOVE the front and back design, great job Crystal!

Anonymous said...

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