Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Family Reunion

Back in August....

We had a family reunion for Trav's siblings. All the siblings from Cindy (Grandma Walker) and Richard (Grandpa Walker) who could make it came to a camping trip to the Nephi area at Yuba lake. It was a big success!

 Had a big pavilion all together where we set up tents and trailers. There was a beach just down the side of the hill where we were at.
 There was a baby there, his cousin Preston, so Nathan was in 7th heaven! He was surprised to discover that baby's had personal bubbles too!
 We played at the beach, road a boat, played games and just relaxed!
 Uncle Wayne brought his fishing stuff with him and decided to help each of the kids (11) caught a fish. There were some good ones in the lake but the only thing that bit was carp.
 They took about 4 kids at a time and helped them each catch a fish! Everyone caught a fish too!
 We just made a pile on the beach that they threw back later. Trav wanted to use them to try and catch craw fish but no success! Some of the kids wanted to keep their fish as pets!
 All the kids had a a super fun time and it helped the Mom's relax for a bit! It was an awesome idea and I think everyone had  good time!
 Up there was such a beautiful view! We did have a few clouds that came our way but only got some drizzles. But it was all just really nice. If we got too hot we went down to the water.
 We were able to rent a boat (thanks to Grandma and Grandpa) and it was a big success!
 Everyone got a lot of turns and had even though some had to take turns it was worth it and fun!
 They had a dock that we used one day and then the next we just had people jump off closer to our beach! It became really crowded that following Saturday.
 Of course there can't be any family get together without having some injuries! So Uncle Wayne when trying to keep kids safe from the boat, jumped off he came down on his ankle wrong and he broke his ankle! Even in pain and not feeling the greatest, he was able to take Brandon's wonderful "suggestions" as to how he could have prevented it in the future!
 There were tons of lizards around and April caught this little tiny one that was by the bathrooms. We had to use several little comparisons!
 I was very impressed with all of the kids and how well they all played together! We brought our bikes to ride in our little area and the kids shared them. Brittney (my niece) did have a little tumble that scratched her up pretty good but that was on the only issue.
 The last night we finally lighted a fire and roasted hot dogs and had smores!
 We were able to use our tent camp trailer that my Mom gave us. I cleaned out it out and got it all ready for use to use. It was really nice and we were really grateful for it!
 At night due to the lights that we brought, there were tons of scary bugs that came out! The first night quite a few of us jumped up on the tables to stay away!
 So besides the boat, Uncle Derek brought his jet ski to play with. Unfortunately it got some engine troubles while up there.
 The kids really loved the boat. In fact that is when the only arguing occurred was who got to ride when!
 The boat had a inner tube on it, so we filled it and all took turns riding it! It was a LOT of fun! I rode with Michelle on the first ride and Derek gave us quite a ride! Man did it hurt!
 All the kids and adults that wanted to ride were able to take a turn. I really liked riding with the kids because we got to go really slow!
 I never managed to get the actual picture....but Dave and Michelle were quite hilarious trying to get up onto a one man jet ski!
 My body was so sore the next day from riding the inner tube! Although I found out that Travis was the most popular adult! All the kids wanted to ride with him! He claims that it was because he let them go as slow as they wanted.
I think we all decided that in the future we wanted to come back to the place again! We had so much fun! I can't wait for the coming years!

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