Sunday, September 2, 2012

Father and Son Camp Out

Back in August....

My hubby and boys finally attended their first father and son camp out! I'm sure it had something to do with the fact that Trav was in charge of the activity, but regardless I enjoyed my little free time.

 It started out with me meeting Travis as the Verizon store to get me a new phone...mine finally died! Then I helped pack the boys and daddy up and got them in the truck....then realized that they forgot some stuff. So I went to the store they were at and dropped them off.
 Then while the campsite was a good hour away about 45 minutes from home, Trav's truck stopped working! So I drive 45 minutes to help take them down to the campsite. So that the next morning I could take them back to the broken truck and Trav could fix the broken belt on his truck.
 So after unloading the truck and then loading the van with everything we make our way down to the campsite! I was suppose to have the night to myself, but didn't get home until around 9:30pm! Oh well.
 The next morning I had a big training session for my triathlon, and then made my way down to them. By the time I got there they were the last ones there for about 3 hours! I guess Nathan took a nice long nap!
We get back to the truck and what turns out to be just a simple broken belt, turns out to be a broken van, punctured radiator and I think a few other things.....Even with this all happening, the Lord was looking out for us and made it all possible to get everything done that we needed plus a safe and easy place to keep the truck! So even in our trials we still get blessings! They could have broken down on the side of the highway instead of at a gas station!

Even with everything, everyone had a fun time!

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Family Travellers said...

Good on your husband for getting those boys out on Fathers and Sons. I have just one 4 year old boy and didn't have the courage to take him, and he got out with 3. Had fun looking through your blog.