Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Springville Quilt Show

Back in August....

I went with my Mother in law and Sister in law to the Springville quilt show again this year. It was fun to attend it with my Sister in law, April. I have never been before with her and it was fun because she is a fellow quilter as well!
 Here are some quilts that I really liked. There were a lot more traditional type of quilts there and just weren't my "favorite". I guess I like more of a modern/traditional type of quilts.

I really like the triangles, and am planning on making one like this later. Then the around the world quilt, it was made out of i spy blocks!
 I really liked the border of this top right quilt, it was a nice twist! Then I really liked these other blocks.
 The America quilt was made up from little tiny hexagons! They were about 1" big! Then the bottom quilt won an award for using the most tiniest pieces and were the most precise! I think the smallest she said were 1/2"!
 Here are some more blocks and more cool quilts!
Then afterwards we went downstairs were they had an art station for kids! They really liked it and it helped "relieve" the boredom a little bit.

I was going to enter a quilt this year, but didn't get it done in time! The story of my life! Although my Mother in law made a good point, they are interested a lot in technique. So I will need to take that into consideration for next year.


Tiffany said...

Gah! I totally forgot to go! Usually I pop in for a few minutes right before school starts, because I used to work at the school right next to the museum. But since the boys were born, I haven't gone back to teaching so I wasn't around at the right time. Oh well.
I'm with you - I like the more modern looking stuff too. :)
Thanks for posting a few pictures!

Anonymous said...

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