Monday, January 21, 2013

Care Package

Last month I was able to get my slacker of a person together enough to finally send my best friend her baby care package! She had her little adorable boy in October!

 Mr. Henry Jones aka Hank the Tank! Isn't he adorable! There was some issues coming into the world, but he has over come them all...including his wonderful Mother! (Her and I have been friends since we were both 8 yrs old!)
 Care Package included:
1. Fleece jumper with zipper (my favorite kind!)
2. Two crocheted airplanes (I was informed that his room has an airplane theme)
3. A homemade "H" toy with ribbons
4. Two binkie attachement holder things (Mom works for Oregon State Government and she is my political translator!)
5. Waterproof diaper pad (I found many different ideas online using google, and just kinda did my own thing...not sure how well it works.....Katie??)
6. Jean baby quilt
7. London inspired baby blanket with fleece backing (Katie and her hubby became close on a London study abroad semester in college and we both have always loved England since we were young)
8. (Not pictured) A Jar of banana peppers....Katie's favorite!

I must say all was received well and everything was a big hit! The jar of banana peppers was almost gone by the time she called to thank me! That' my Katie!!
Us back in 2004 with my oldest, Brandon on Valentines day.

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