Sunday, November 25, 2012

I've been up to...

I have actually been doing things, whether I blog about them or not. One thing that I was working on this summer/fall was jean quilts for a friend.

Britany is an awesome friend and asked me to help design and make some jean quilts for her that she can then turn around and make quilt kits of them. This has been on my list to make for some time so I was more than happy to help!

She has this one all ready to go in sizes from twin to queen! I think she did an awesome job on the picture! (I always struggle with pictures and what is the best angle and junk).

We also did 2 other patterns that she is working on getting the kits together. But isn't this a GREAT IDEA! I mean I ruined a fairly new mat cutting out the jean blocks for these quilts, and went through a rotary blade. Isn't it nice that you can get EVERYTHING you need in just one kit! All the jean squares, backing and pattern! I was happy and felt so honored to help her with this!

I also know that if ANYONE Is interested, she is having a sale of them on her etsy site!

Here are some other ones that I did for her too!
 Here is just SOME of the jeans that I started out with. Now keep in mind I made a baby sized, double and queen size jean quilts.
Here is the pile for I believe two jean quilts. The blocks already for me to start sewing together.
 Here is the scrap pile. Either the jeans were stained in the area, seams pockets or too small of a piece. Yeah I was tired after all of this.
 Here is the Baby quilt I made. The pattern will be using half jean blocks and half cotton blocks! I used Pure by Moda and just love how it compliments the jeans!
 Then here is the log cabin type block quilt. I had a pair of Travis's work jeans that were the khaki colored and so I decided to use them. Also if you look closely there is a blue stripped one. Those came from a pair of overalls that he had in college!

Make sure to check her store often to see if she has the new patterns up! (I will also try to keep track too) But I think this is great for us people that have ALWAYS wanted to make a jean quilt but haven't gotten that far yet!


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