Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Vampire Marathon

Last week I was able to spend all day at the movie theater! It was SO FUN! Eating popcorn and drinking pop, spending time with my Sister in Laws and relaxing with no kids....AWESOME!!

We went and watched the Twilight series from start to finish! I was with my Sister in laws, Rose and Melissa and my Mother in law Cindy, with Rose's Mother in law and then there were some friends of Cindy's and Melissa's. We had a blast! Although I didn't take too many pictures....I have a bad habit of not charging my phone well....

 Here we are getting there at 11 in the morning. There is Rose (left to right), her Mother in Law, Cindy and Shannon (Cindy's friend)
 Melissa (funny that she looks like the vampires with the red eyes!) with her Team Emmett shirt....on the back it had a cool saying of his too....I forgot.
 Me and my wonderful photography skills? I am thinking of going pro!
 Cindy and Shannon...this was about half way through. We brought pillows and blankets....but the theater was actually warm so we didn't need our blankets much.
 Melissa and I....I didn't have a flash so had to "edit" it a little. You can see us and that's the important part right?
Then we passed this spot all the time, it was leaving the theater rooms/bathroom area going into the main area. Isn't it a great combination of patterns?? I see quilt patterns everywhere!

It was so fun! I think I would do it again! Although the last movie, Breaking Dawn part two...AWESOME! It has put me in the mood to read the books again!


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