Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wasatch Front Shop Hop

At the end of September my Mom trekked back to Utah once again. But this time she was really excited (not that she wasn't last time) and didn't mind the 500+ miles back here. We were attending the Wasatch Front Shop Hop.

They usually do a rather big thing in June, but for the first time they were trying something in September. We didn't know about the June one, but knew about this one (we plan to attend the one in June now).

I was leaving my kids (Travis included) and stayed in a hotel with my Mom for the weekend. The only down side was that I had a NASTY head cold! Stuffing up on cold medication we were able to hit all 13 stores in 3 days. We could have done it in one, but shhh....don't tell Travis! (Just joking)
 My Mom and I and then my Mom's best friend Debbie came down from Idaho on the last day to go shopping with us!

I am sad to say that NONE of my quilt designs were in any store! Okay so I had a hope that because I had some rather cute quilt patterns on the Moda Bake Shop, that they would have my quilts hanging in their store. Sad to say no.....okay I was rather reaching but oh well. Here are some of my favorite quilts from the different stores.
 I like the border on this quilt, and wanted to add this type of border to some future designs.
 I thought this flag quilt was amazing! It would be really fun to make one like it too!

Then after our first day we had quite a few things....I somehow deleted my haul....but I decided that I would get at least 1 fat quarter at each shop. It turned out to be a little more....but oh well.
 My Moms....she got 4 different quilt kits that were on mega sale!
Our second day....I know there was more and I was going to have this cute little timeline showing all of our purchases.....but nope...doesn't turn out that way. But see the candy I got my boys??

There were so many cute projects in the stores as well.
 One place had these awesome little paper pieced label cards! LOVED them! Although I don't know if I would ever do it. Then I loved these cool pumpkins and want to make some for my front yard. And then I SOOOOO WANT this long arm quilting machine and frame! LOOKS AWESOME! And this picture does not do this beast was HUGE!
 I loved this circle needle point decoration. So cute! You could custom make it to fit your room easily! I also liked this needle point of the cute grandma saying that I see everywhere on pinterest and finally an adorable turkey!
One night we had dinner at Olive Garden. Me being on a budget all the time and well poor, I never go. I had this soup that was amazing!! I could have had it all day and then the next! Unfortunately my stomach wasn't that big. I can't remember the name, but if I heard it I would know it. I actually tried to make it at home since then and I burned it. But I could tell it was good underneath!

Things I learned this year.....1. Next year bring more money 2. Have a project in mind that you want to get things for or find ideas for 3. Have another project in mind 4. Bring more money 5. Bring more people 6. Don't get sick! 7. Have yet another project in never know what you will find!

I can't wait until June when my little sister will be back from her LDS mission! More people....check!

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