Saturday, February 2, 2013

After the Hop.....

So after the Shop Hop that my Mom came over from Colorado to attend.....she stayed a few extra days. Normally I wouldn't mind but she wanted to sew. Like I said normally I wouldn't mind but she wanted to sew and she wanted me to sew a bunch of her projects!! I don't know how others work, but for me I have to be in the "mood" to sew! If I am not in the mood, then it is boring and frankly I don't do a good job. So I felt "forced" to sew, whether or not I was actually "forced" it's anyone's guess, but needless to say I had to take some time off from sewing to relax and get the "mood" back. I still love my Mom and will do it all over again for her in a heart beat.

We put up a long table (it wasn't long enough) table in the middle of my living room, turned on some tv and we got to sewing!
 We even had some "helpers" part of the time. Kimball thought this was rather cool.
What I ended up helping my Mother with was the quilt in the upper right. She had previously did the horse blocks and I pieced and basted together the quilt sandwich for her for not only 1 of these guys but 2! Yup two of the same thing. They ended up being presents for my brothers for Christmas. I think part of my "no sewing mood" was due to the fact that I kept messing up on my quilting math! I would forget to carry a number or just had it wrong! It was a nightmare.

My Mom was so kind as to lend me  her new "toy". The aque quilter cutter thing, or go cutter. I can't remember the name! But it's the one that you see all over the place on other's blogs where they are "testing" it for them. I was never asked (hump), but I was excited to try it and so were my boys. They destroyed my living room with so many "projects".
Want my ever so humble opinion of the thing? Well I wasn't paid to say anything and I no longer have this in my possession, so no bribery. If you do a lot of applique its great. If you do a lot of just straight type blocks where your rotatery blade and ruler work best, then that is the best. It uses a lot of fabric and it seemed to waste rather a lot. Even the 5" block die that I had. Since money doesn't grow on trees for me and I am constantly saving every scrap of fabric I own (I have offically cut myself off to things that are smaller than 2.5"x2.5" and it was hard) it wasn't that practical.

Then if you do applique, I would find a way to grease or sharpen your die cuts. It seemed that if you used them a lot you would have to go back and forth a bunch to get a clean cut. Then you couldn't do very many at a time. Then depending on the fabric it would catch on the metal die cut part and fray the fabric. So if there was a nice and easy way to sharpen them I would do that.

Would I ever buy this if I could? No. Would I accept one that was given to me because it wasn't wanted? No. Would I accept one from the company with a TON of awesome dies and other junk? Maybe. It comes down to if I would actually use it. Right now it would be no and I don't have room to store yet another sewing item.

Hopefully this helps someone out there!! If you like this tool, good for you. If you don't like this tool, I understand! Happy Quilting!

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