Wednesday, February 27, 2013


 There are so many faces to this little boy, also known as, Bubble! It seems as if no matter what, when I ask him to smile it looks like a grimace! I guess I should be used to it, since his older brother Brandon is the exact same way!!
Here we are dropping him off at school in the morning, when I still did carpool in the mornings.
Before school...he seems to have troubles in the morning. I think he rather stay home and play, especially if Dad is late in getting to work. Trav is wonderful with him and takes his time and calms him down. I just tell him to knock it off and he is going to school. Is this why he is such a Daddy's boy?

He loves my ipad and is always asking to play it. I have currently gone through 4 different ipad chargers within the last 6 months, yes 4 of them! So we are taking a break from the ipad for some time (Brandon and Nathan too).
Once a week I go in and volunteer for the first hour of school. He loves it when I go and is even getting to the point where he doesn't mind Mom giving him a kiss goodbye. I sometimes don't make it, but for the most part I make it every week.

I love all of my boys and find myself grateful every day for them. Even though it's not always easy and being a Mother has been the hardest thing I have ever done, I am glad that I am these boys' Mom!

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