Saturday, February 23, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Several months ago I got an email from the Moda Bake Shop workers asking for our quilts that we had made for the Bake Shop. They wanted to display some of them at a booth in South Africa. I wasn't going to send any at first, but then changed my mind. They were gone for several months but back in September I got them back!

First I only sent 3 quilts in a garbage bag. Yes, very high tech and wrapped well! But I received my quilts back in these nice Moda Home quilt bags!
 After opening my bags I found my beautiful quilts! And then I also received a few gifts as a thank you! I got 3 different charm packs, 2 eye glass cleaners a charm pack tin holder and a little bag! I felt very special and loved my gifts!
 Probably even more special than the gifts was to see these little tags on my quilts! It made me feel professional for the first time! Here is my Field of Tulips quilt. They had a picture of the quilt on the front and then the ingredients on the back. This was my very first Moda Bake Shop tutorial.
 Then my Robot Love quilt. They chose awesome fonts for it! Why didn't I think of that?
And then my Girl Salt Water Taffy quilt. I chose these three because they were the ones that I had! I tend to give away my quilts that I make. You would think with the number of quilts I make that I would have a closet full, well yes I have a closet full (the top half) but I just can't help but give my quilts away. It makes me happy to know that someone else will love and cherish my quilts, that are all made with love!!

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