Friday, February 8, 2013

Piano Lessons

At the end of September and the beginning of October Brandon and Nathan started piano lessons.
 Brandon is a natural and has been able to pick it up really quickly. He also practices without me telling him to! It's so nice! Since he is really good at memorizing, he if has a little trouble with the song or likes it, it memories it because he plays it a little more. We are talking about 5 times playing it through. He is doing a great job.
Nathan at first really liked it and was really excited, but then a few weeks went by and I was arguing with him to practice. But even with that Nathan still likes it but doesn't like to take the time to practice. He rather be playing when he gets home from school than practice. He is a lot like his Mommy in playing. As long as he practices he learns it just fine. We are doing a little bit better now, but he definitely doesn't want to quit.

Since both are beginners and are brothers who tend to fight....we started them on a different set of beginner books. Nathan is doing a regular beginner set while Brandon being older is doing an advanced beginner book. We really lucked out and each set of books have been perfect for each boy.


The Picketts said...

Your boys like computer games...there's an AWESOME computer program called Music Ace. It helps with music concepts and is just fun (I even like to tinker around with it). I've gotten it at Amazon before. I have some of my students play on that occasionally. It seems to help boost their understanding of musical concepts and again, it's fun.

Sara Birch said...

I really want to get my boys into piano. It looks like a lot of work, but very rewarding. So glad your boys are taking off with it.

Anonymous said...

He is so adorable! He has quite a talent. This has been an incredibly wonderful post. Thank you for sharing!

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