Wednesday, February 6, 2013


In September and October we had some birthdays that we celebrated. Mine was in November but we spent the day in Sandy, at the the Festival of Trees. I'll write more about them later. 

Kimball turned 5 years old in October! Man is he growing up! I tried to get him to let me put a rock on his head so that he won't keep growing, but he wouldn't let me.
 I got to bring in treats to Kimball's school to celebrate, but they also were talking about clowns at the time and were dressed up as some.
 Later that night we opened presents and had some yummy cake.

 Nathan was really excited and kept wanting to do it for Kimball....what are big brothers for right?
 Kimball chose an ice cream cake and as soon as he saw a football one, he was hooked. His Daddy has convinced him that the Raiders are the best team in the NFL, poor boy. Doesn't he know that the best team is the Broncos?
 After we gave him cake, he was done and didn't want any more pictures. But I got one anyway.
 The birthday boy with his mommy (I took a shower after dinner).
 Birthday boy with Daddy. After dinner Daddy had to go to some meetings, but we still had plans for after it got dark.
 We all went outside and played with some sparklers that we have had saved since July.
 They were all so excited to play with them.
 One present was still "on it's way" on Kimball's birthday. So a few days later we got it! The yellow power ranger, which he likes because she looks like a girl that was in his class last year. (Shhh....don't tell anyone but he likes her and wants to marry her...his old school mate not the yellow power ranger.)

Then back in September, Travis turned the big 36. Is it bad that I have a hard time remembering? And the fact that he got a simple ice cream cake too? I am having a problem when it comes to birthday cakes, but the important thing is that we are celebrating the birthdays right?
 We didn't do anything big. I know something was going on around his birthday (Labor Day) but I can't remember. Oh well. We celebrated his birthday though!

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