Thursday, February 21, 2013

Halloween 2012

I just realized that I have never posted about our Halloween in 2012!! 

 Me and my cute Halloween outfit. I made this skirt last year but didn't finish it in time. I finished it and viola! I found my lovely bat headband from the dollar store!
 The boys....
Indiana Jones - Brandon
 Gold Power Ranger - Nathan
Red Power Ranger - Kimball
 We had a Ward (church) Halloween party. I made this little guys costume, the shirt, vest, boot covers and belt. Then Travis had a lot of fun with this doughnut game.
 The only pictures I actually got on Halloween were at Kimball's school! This always happens! I always forget to actually take pictures on Halloween!
 Then I made these little "twister" spots for the boy's Piano teacher. She asked for a homemade twister game that she can use for her different piano parties. So I made these Halloween ones. Unfortunately they are the only ones I have made thus far! I need to start working on different other holidays soon.

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