Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Since I am so far behind in my blogging, I've decided to do a condensed version of somethings. Just things that I planned to make one post about, but now since it was MONTHS ago seems a little pointless....

 I rearranged my room so that I could sleep against the wall. I was sleeping a little too much for my liking on the living room couch (no not because I was in trouble, but that I was more comfortable down there). So thinking that it was the support I was looking for, I decided that moving the bed against the wall would help....in actuality.....nope. But it was a nice try. Now my room has a very weird look! We broke it up basically in two (we have a long and narrow room). After having it like this for a few months now....I really like it and have found tons more space to store crap stuff! Score!
 Although while cleaning and moving my bed....look what I found under my mattresses and on top of our bed frame!! YUCK! Maybe cleaning and moving my bed should become an annual thing. I would say more, but lets face it...I'm being realistic!

 As the weather was turning colder (end of November) I wanted to start a fire. We had collected some fire wood to burn and so I was very proud of myself that I was able to get a fire going. With 2 brothers and then a husband, I never got the chance to really learn how to build a fire and keep it going. Of course I know why I never got a chance....it's fun!

 Then before the fall, more towards the end of summer. We had a nice family bbq at Grandma and Grandpa Walkers. Fun times.

Fall/Halloween is usually where I get out of my "not decorating since Valentine's Day" funk and get my beloved pumpkin collection out! So I had to capture my beautiful handy work! Once again, something I rarely do.

This school year I am doing carpool with my friend. Before Christmas I did the morning pick-ups, but now after Christmas I get the afternoon pick-ups. I am not 100% sure which I like more....none? I think next year we will do the bus again. 

Having three boys didn't make me think that I would have toy hazards in my home, but I do. I find these little guys ALL OVER THE HOUSE! And surprisingly we have most of all the small stuff! I swear as soon as I or they pick them up....out they go. I haven't found a good rug-under-them-type-of-thing yet, but any suggestions would be great! I guess I could be harsh and make them pick them up constantly.....but really? It just comes out again 5 minutes later.

 After a mine trip a few months ago, Travis was coming home and his truck broke. His fuel pump went out. Luckily he was able to leave his truck on the side of the road and get it later. Well once his Step-Dad was able to help him go tow it home they leave to go get it. Twenty minutes later I get a call from him....he forgot his keys at home! So here we are on a rather cold night driving to give him his keys.....silly man! I still give him a hard time about it!

 I must be really weird because I am constantly taking napping shots!! I can't help it! I love how my kiddos look while sleeping! Ahh.....it helps me get through the times when they are awake!

 Back when my Mom was in town for Nathans baptism, she got Nathan his present....where did he get it? JoAnnes! Awesome right? Well he got this helmet and cape and then some other craft items. He immediately put them on (before leaving the store) and because "Super Craft Man". That's my Nathan.

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