Sunday, January 27, 2013

Finished Hockey Quilts

Remember when I was doing this? Well they are now done! I had them done just in time! No matter seems that I work MUCH BETTER with a timeline.
 Hockey Quilt #1
Hockey Quilt #2

For the first quilt, I did a swirly star and hockey stick design. I didn't want to do straight lines for this one and I was trying to branch out more than my normal meandering stitch. I think it turned out rather well....sometimes my hockey sticks leave a lot to be desired, but overall I think a teenage boy would like them.
  For the second one I did do a straight line stitch. I did about a 1/2" line spacing, but I did my straight lines around the word, Hockey.
If you look really closely you can see the Hockey word in the middle. I also went back in and did a 1/4" straight stitch inside the letters. To make the letters I took some duck tape (gotta love duck tape) free handed Hockey in there, after I had sprayed the quilt. then I started 1/2" from the block letters and went around. It was fun and I really like the design I got from it, but man does it take forever! I got burnt out from it for awhile and didn't sew for a week! I know not a record but when I was trying to get them done early it was a big deal!

I haven't heard back to  see if they enjoyed them but I am guessing they did. I originally was aiming for a large twin size, but ended  up with a large double. Each quilt measures approximately 85"x 90".

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