Friday, January 25, 2013

FOGS Auction results

You may remember several months back I was advertising for my son's autism preschool's fundraiser in this post.....but back in November it was actually accomplished!

 A few days before the auction I made myself available to help with the last minutes items....we made some posters.
 Since I was going to be there for several hours and Brandon is home schooled, I brought him with me. Lets just say he had a fun time playing in the office with my ipad.

I basically spent two days doing signs, then come to help organize the donations into packages to be auctioned off live and silent....come to find out that they didn't even inventory everything that they received! So I had 150+ items to inventory as well as separate them all in packages and write descriptions for them! It was not fun and was rather stressful which led Travis to become very unhappy with my involvement with it all. I see his point in it, but I love helping the place that my boys grew and learned so much. So it comes down to I need to either not help with the auction any more (what Travis would have me do) or become involved with it in the beginning, train someone new to take over how things are ran and finish up helping with their 5th auction. I'm still up in the air about it. I want to please everyone....and I'm 20 years old and still haven't learned that I can't please everyone.

We will see what happens....but as for now....undecided.

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