Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fourth of July

This fourth of July we decided to go to the Provo for the parade and to the Freedom Festival as well. The boys were so excited to watch the parade to begin with.
I have no idea what Rose is saying here. Nathan told us that he was tired in the middle of the parade. So he took a blanket and slept. He didn't wake up until we woke him up at the end. He slept through very loud horns!
This is us taking a quick picture of our cute outfits in the parking lot right before we went to the freedom festival. Grandpa Walker and I like the scary rides, so when Brandon asked to go we went and took Nathan with us. Nathan was afraid at first but liked it in the end. Here we are at the Provo Library waiting to watch the fireworks begin. Brandon had to put on his batman costume. He loves that thing! Kimball had the most fun I think. He got to stay up way past his bedtime as well as run around all over the place. Grandpa was being silly again! Brandon calls him a Tricker.

There was too much wind to light the sparklers that we had, and the boys were upset that we didn't like our own fireworks. Nathan liked the pops. He would dump the whole thing on the ground and then step on them. Daddy tried to show him how to do it.

Here is Kimball running away down the sidewalk. He thought he was so cute.

Nathan chilling with Uncle Derek. He was "cold".

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