Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Childrems Museum Field Trip

This was Nathan's last field trip of the year. The boys had a lot of fun here. Kimball was so excited but got tired halfway through but still had fun. He did manage to get a black eye though, he was trying to climb up the stairs and fell down. It was just a little sore, but the next morning he woke up with a black eye.
My Building Boys. They had so much fun putting these together!
They got to stand and play in a helicopter. They had fun but didn't like the loud noices that it made.A Beehive hole that they played in. Kimball loved this little door and kept going in and out!Construction Site, the boys probably spent most of their time here.This is a little house they had and Nathan's teachers were trying to hold Kimball for me, but as you can see he would have none of it.It is nice to know that my boys can do things and that there will always be a job for them at any grocery store.Rocking Climbing. Brandon got to the top no problem, but Nathan didn't make it too far, he got scared and then Kimball well, he didn't get it.

Silly kids waiting to go home. We were going to go to a park and have a picnic but it stormed all the way home, so we just went home and ate.

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