Friday, March 1, 2013

Almost there....

Well I am almost caught up with all of the different major and minor events that happened in 2012. It just took me two months! So here is some more mish-mash of pictures.....

 Back before school started we went to carnival put on my our bank. My sister in law, Melissa works for them and invited/reminded me of this event. Travis stayed home and me and the boys went. I am rather glad Trav stayed home (after we were there) due to the fact that it was so crowded! Trav doesn't do very well in crowds (boys too) and so I am glad he didn't go and add more stress to his life.
 There were a lot of different booths selling and educating from the local college. There was also a lot of bounce houses we played on (meaning the boys).
 We then got some free popcorn and cotton candy and rode a cute little indoor train. After about 2 hours we called it quits and went home.
Before leaving I made sure we got a picture with Aunt Melissa! She is so good to my boys and has the tons of patience with them! Giving them hugs and accepting any social interaction on their terms! It's nice to have supportive family members!

I love how inventive and "buildy" my boys are! Here we are at the doctors office and Brandon creates an  airplane! He is awesome at creating different lego projects!
 At the same doctors' office, Nathan is making a plastic canvas my little pony for Kimball. Nathan is my crafter! No glue gun, tape or paper is safe with him around! He is constantly creating! He wants to be an artist when he gets older.

Back during the summer when I took pictures, I thought of cool blog posts that I would create....well life happened and the blog posts didn't happen!  This is a rain day that we spent playing legos, running errand and eating out.
The boys were so cute walking into Wal-Mart together holding hands! They do truly love each other and are always helping each other out! Then we went to Artie Circle for lunch. They had a play area that the boys could stretch their legs out in.
Kimball was being a stinker, Nathan was happy and bubbly and of course found a baby right away to follow. Then Brandon was just happy to be out of the house and after checking out the "play area" chilled next to me.

Then finally I wanted to share pictures from election day. I volunteered at Kimball's school and then in the afternoon took Brandon with me to go vote. We are lucky and the area was just across the street from us. Since Brandon was being home schooled at the time, I thought it was a good way to show him our government in action. He wasn't that was boring!
Even though my President candidate didn't win, I will hope that the country will be lend with wisdom. Time will only tell.

Yeah now I am officially updated with everything in 2012....oh wait. I just remembered, Thanksgiving, Festival of Trees, and Christmas. Okay so not there yet but I'm almost there!

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