Monday, November 26, 2007

Home at Hendrixville

Here in Hendrixville everything is going well as of now.

Travis is working hard as a customer relations manager and tech support for a computer company. He gets to play on the computer all day long and gets to solve problems.

Brandon and Nathan are enjoying their time at Giant Steps. For those of you who do not know, Giant Steps is a preschool for autistic children. Both Brandon and Nathan have been diagnosed with autism this year and since then Travis and I have been trying to do as much early intervention as possible. They have been improving a lot since they started school. It has been nice for me to go to their school and volunteer and learn new techniques to help them more at home. Not only are the boys learning and improving their behaviors, they are making friends at school for the first time, and I am making friends with other mothers who have children just like me. Giant Steps has been such a blessing in our lives.

Nathan is just about potty trained these days. We started working on it at school and is doing great at home. We still have not mastered the nights, but the days are going well. With Kimball here, Nathan has just simply adored him. He is always wanting to kiss Kimball and making sure that he is happy. If Kimball starts crying in another room, Nathan will come running to tell me that Kimball is crying. He is always trying to make sure that Kimball is happy. It is nice to see that Kimball is loved by his older brother.
Brandon's new fixation lately has been letters and words. He is always asking how to spell things and writing the words that he knows down. I do believe that he will be ready to start reading soon, which will be a good step for him. Brandon has also started taking some medicine to help him settle down and focus more. It has been a night and day difference in him. He is able now to sit through Primary which he has never been able to do. With this medicine now, we will be able to wear our glasses again and will be able to take care of them.

With the arrival of Kimball it has been hard to get into a routine, but he makes up for it. He is growing like a weed; he is already 7 weeks old. He is sleeping at night for 4 hours in a row, which gives me more of a break, but still eating every 2 hours. He has also started to smile recently which makes all the hard work I do for him all worth it.

I have been enjoying staying home with our boys and consider myself extremely lucky to be home. With the parent training classes that I am able to attend at Giant Steps I have learned fun and creative ways to help the boys, so I have been busy lately making things to help them in public places as well as at home. I have been a blessing to learn ways to help the boys more so that everyone else can see how wonderful they are.


The Nielsen Fam said...

Your family looks great. To add someone to a page go under layout and then to "Add page element". After that there is something that says links to other pages or something like that. Then you just add their address. You will find it. It is good to see pictures of your family. Good luck with everything!

Lopez Life said...

Hey Crystal, I just figured out this blogspot thingy works! I love reading others pages! Here's my address come check it out!