Monday, January 14, 2008

January 2008

This year has started off well. Brandon turned 5 this year. It is sad to see that my baby boy is already 5 years old! I can't believe it. Although he is getting so smart and learning so well. He is starting to read a little. He can pick out a lot of words and is learning fast. Soon he will be fluently reading!

Nathan's speech is doing a lot better. Although others are still having a hard time understanding him, I am understanding him 95% of the time now.

Travis's company he works for merged with another bigger company so he switched buildings today. He got a little raise and a lot more benefits. He loves his job and is very excited about this because it means more opportunities to advance.

Kimball is growing way too fast for my take! He is now three months old and is just beginning to grab at toys. Soon he will start rolling over and then crawling. If I had it my way he would be this age for several more months.

I have been doing good, and have been enjoying some free time that I get from when the boys are at school. Although I find that I have even more I need to get done during those times.

Here are some fun pictures that we took while playing in the snow the other day. The boys liked to dive into the snow and it seemed as if they were swimming in it.

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