Monday, November 25, 2013

Welcome Baby Hendrix

On November 15th at 12:49 pm we welcomed the newest Hendrix boy into our family!
Little Lincoln Cooper! He was 7 lbs 13 oz and 20 " long. I thought he would have been bigger but still a nice size.

He is doing wonderful and is such a good baby! The only time he has cried is when he has little gas bubbles in his tummy or being circumcised!
His brothers love him to pieces and are so happy to have him home and out of Mommy's tummy!
When he does start crying to let us know that he is hungry, Kimball runs around the house yelling "baby alert"!
These boys are such a big help and don't hesitate to bring Mom a diaper or grab a blanket for me.

I feel so lucky to have all of my boys and I love being the "Princess" in the group! Now that I am no longer pregnant and am feeling somewhat normal again....well I'm getting to be normal again, I finally feel like quilting (and man is my list long) as well as updating my blog! Man do I have tons to update! Since I use this blog as a journal of sorts I want to add EVERYTHING that I have missed in oh...the last year! Maybe I can post date it or something, or just throw up collages and a little explanation. It's not like I did a whole lot in the last 9 months or took many pictures...but we did move into our first house! So there will be somethings.

I'm just excited to be back and can't wait until I can get my sewing machine set up and I can start sewing again! It was worth being pregnant for 9 months to get this beautiful little boy, but man am I happy not to be pregnant anymore!


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~Have a lovely day!

Chiska said...

Congratulations! That's so wonderful.

CandyR said...

Congratulations! We've missed you.