Monday, October 20, 2008

Grandma Beazer's House

This past weekend we decided since we were out for fall break for school, the boys and I with Grandma Walker were going to go up to Rigby, Idaho and see Great Grandma Beazer. We had a fun 3 days full with crafts, worksheets, field trips and playing outside. We got to pick apples from the apple tree for the first time and the boy just loved it. They liked picking them and putting them in the box as well as climbing the tree to get some. The would climb a tree with help, find a apple, pick it and the yell for you to come get it. It was fun.

Can you find two little boys?

They loved playing out side.

Kimball began walking down at Grandma's. He would get braver and walk more and more. The only thing is he loves to crawl more than he can wlk now.

These are some of the cute crafts that we made. Brandon loved his jack o lanter that he took it around with him everywhere.

The all loved the train. Brandon and Nathan got to help Uncle Syd drive it a little bit. They also got to help walk the track to make sure that it was clear. They thought that they were so big!

This is them giving Uncle Syd hugs and kisses for letting them ride the train. Thanks to our Uncle Syd we can ride the train every time we go down to Idaho. Thank you Uncle Syd!!

Corn Maze

A few weeks back there was a sale on the tickets to the local corn maze. So we packed up the kids and went and had fun. The boys loved it. They had so many other activities besides the corn maze that we barely had time for the maze and did all of the other activities. Once we did get into the corn maze we decided that we no longer wanted to do it and turned around 15 minutes into it. But while in the maze we were able to see an elk that was taking a nap in there. The boys had a great time!

They had this awesome dome trampoline thing. I loved it as much as the kids did. It was fun to bounce with the boys in my arms.

Brandon and Nathan smiling in a large wooden train. They love trains.

They had these pedal race cars that you could pedal around. It looked fun but it was hard for them to pedal. And then you had to deal with all the other kids not moving as well.

They had this huge jungle gym thing with a net and slides. Kimball had a great time trying to climb it.

They had this dinosaur that you could walk through and see his stomach. Brandon was brave enough to go in with Dad but Nathan didn't want anything to do with it. Travis told me that he had to carry Brandon most of the way.

Cute roping stand. I think I was the only one to coil the rope when we left. Old habits die hard.

We took a hay ride. The boys loved it except for Kimball who wanted to crawl arond but couldn't.

In the maze we were able to find someone to take our picture. The boys had a good time. Brandon wanted to pick all of the corn.

They had these cute swings made out of tires into the shape of a horse. It looked really cool. I wonder if Grandpa Longan could make us some.

The boys loved this and would have played longer if we would have left them. They would pump water back and forth, but they had some ducks on them that they took turns pumping them back and forth.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jesus wants us to share...

Somewhere either from home or primary, Nathan has learned a new thing. Jesus wants us to share. I found this out when I was drinking a soda and Nathan wanted a drink. I told him no but I could get him some milk, he promptly told me, that Jesus wants everyone to share. I cracked up laughing and gave in and gave him a drink of my soda. Another day came along and he was not sharing with Kimball. I looked him in the eye (well as long as he would look at me) and told him that Jesus wants us to share. He stopped what he was doing and went straight to Kimball and shared with him. Now in our home he is contstantly reminding us that Jesus wants us to share. It just so happens that he does it mostly when he wants whatever you have.

Father like Son

Kimball LOVES the computer. He can reach up to the desk and grab the mouse and move it around. We have given him his own keyboard and mouse that he can play with so that he can play while mom or dad is. The other day he woke up from a nap and I let him play with Dad's computer. He went to town and was very serious about how he had to compute. He was in 7th heaven!

"A" Team

I have a bunch of Mom friends that all have at least one child with Autism. We call ourselves the "A" Team. We like to get together every couple of weeks and go out to eat or see a movie. We even like to get together and have a sleepover! It is nice that we all have each other to cry on each other's shoulder, vent, compare notes on our children and to relax together.

Leaving Jerusalem

For Primary this last month they all got to have the experience of leaving Jerusalem. They all got to dress up like a member of Lehi's family and experience what they did by leaving Jerusalem. At first we didn't know what to wear, but after finding robes and costumes we were able to make a nice little outfit for each boy. Then we had an idea of dressing our bikes up as camels, but we didn't have enough time. Brandon was extremely excited about this but Nathan took a little coaxing to put on his costume and go. On the way to the church, Brandon told us that they didn't have vans in Lehi's time and so we needed to pretend that we were riding a camel. We were riding in the Deluxe Camel Van.Brandon and Nathan showing off their costumes. Nathan got to ride his "horse" in the trip.
Brandon loved his outfit. We safety pinned his head piece to a ball cap so it wouldn't fall off his head.
We tried to get Nathan to wear a head piece like Brandon, but he didn't like it on his head so we got a tie from Dad's collect and tied it on his head. We showed him pictures of Nephi to show him that he looked like him. These are Brandon's Primary teachers along with a few other primary children. Nathan did NOT want his picture taken. Our Bishopric dressed up as Lehi (Bishop) and his two Counselors were Nephi and Laman. Here they are leaving Jerusalem. Walking in the wilderness. Brandon was so excited he stayed right up front. We called him Jacob. It was cute because "Laman" complained and murmured the whole way.
Nathan riding his horse. He rode it the whole way. He wasn't much into this but after they got started he started enjoying himself more.
Stopping in the wilderness after traveling 3 days. Nathan was not too happy. (Bottom left hand corner)Traveling back to Jerusalem to get the Brass plates.
Deciding who would go get the Brass Plates from Laban. They posed the question and as soon as they asked, Brandon raised his hand and stood up and said that he would go and get the Brass Plates. Whether it was from him knowing the story and wanting to be like Nephi or wanting to be part of the adventure or knowing that the Lord wants us to obey, it was nice to see that Brandon as ready to serve.
After they returned back to Lehi we all walked to the park a block away and ate honey, bread, watermellon, crackers and apples. It was a nice experience for the boys to rein act that story. They both love the Primary song "Nephi's Courage" and I am glad that they were able to rein act the story.

Watering at Grandma and Grandpa Walkers

Every summer at grandma and grandpa Walkers they have flood irrigation that they use to water their lawn. It is always a fun time for the boys to go and play in the water. This tie was Kimball's first time to get to play in the water and he had a blast after he got used to tempeture of the water. We had our cousins from Las Vegas there and that made it a whole lot more fun!

Brittney playing in the waterNathan posing for me

Nathan giving Grandma a hug

Kimball eating rocks (before he got all wet)

Brandon and Sierra taking turns gettig each other wet with the pump hose

Brandon and Nathan best buds! Daddy playing with the boys

Say Cheese!

Eating pizza after playing in the water