Monday, October 3, 2011

Are you done yet?

I have finally started compling all of my collected dinosaur fabrics. Well this was mostly due to the fact that Nathan was tired of waiting. We waited until we received all of the free Spoonflower dinosaur fabric samples that our family and friends were kind enough to get for us.

So what is the end result??
 Nathan's Dinosaur I-Spy Quilt!
 I can't remember how big it is, but it is big enough to fit his twin size bed.
 I decided not to add any borders or sashing, as in I had plenty of squares to make the quilt.
 I only had about maybe 10 different prints and the majority of them were all of the same fabric.
 I used all the dinosaur I spy squares I the squares I had were 4" I cute the rest to be 4" squares as well.
 I tried really hard to make it so not two of the same squares matched, but who knows how it ended.
 Here is the back of the quilt...I had quite a bit left over, mostly of the same I used the last of them on here.
But while making it, I had a feeling I was adding things wrong or something, so when I laid them out to acutely baste them, I realized that it was WAY too small!! Oh well! So I need to add a little more, about this wide on the back. I thought I just had extra, I guess I should have gone with my gut and recalculated everything!

I now get constant requests as to when it will be I better get going on it...


Sandra said...

This is fabulous! How fun! Your son may never go to

I'm hosting another I Spy Swap if you are looking for more fabric:)

Kari @ The Purple Quiltapotamus said...

Oh WOW - what a fabulous quilt!! I love love love all the small squares!!

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