Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I have the best husband in the world. He is VERY supportive of my crafting/quilting anbissions. He doesn't have much input to what I do, meaning the designs or colors but always gives the right answers and tells me that I am the best in the world....The very best sort of support any self consiouse person needs!

The one thing he CAN'T stand is when my stuff starts to crouch his side of the desk...this lately has happened a little too much. Even though he doesn't like my things on his side of the desk, he doesn't care where it creeps else where. So where our computer desks/ crafting area is (main dining room area) I have almost taken over the entire room!!
 I have all my stuff piled up on the other side of our desk area. And by our counter area to the kitchen and stools.
 Just SOME of my "in process" projects right now....
 A sample of my scrap pieces. I am using some to make a new quilt design....hoping to finish soon! It's a last minute project!
A pile "need to quilt" and quilt top you name it!

I am in the process of organizing my fabric area upstairs, and so unfortunately I can't put these all away for a bit, but I am very lucky to have a hubby who doesn't mind much! (Well at least until it gets in his desk area!)


martilindsey said...

When I sew, I tend to take over the dining room. THe problem is that we eat 3 meals a day in tricky!

I feel you....good luck!!

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