Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Special Powers

Often times people who are not aware of Autism, or just don't know a lot about them think that all kids with autism have "special powers" like Rain Man.

This is NOT true. There ARE people out there with Autism that has "special powers" but not EVERY child with autism has them. Now my personal thought that when a child with autism - they have a lot areas that they have trouble in...A LOT of problems, and the areas that they actually are good in, whether it is a "normal" level or slightly higher level we go all nuts with it, and we think it is their "special powers" which is true in a way, for them it is their "special powers".

So with that said, IF Nathan would have a "special power" this would be it...
Okay so it's not making super paper airplanes, it is making things out of paper. He LOVES to make things out of paper, 3D forms out of paper. He has made guns, airplanes, claws, card holders, nativity scenes and dinosaurs.

Some are very lucky to receive some of his "master pieces", and if you are me, you will love them and cherish them, but feel free to send them on their way either in the trash or the recycle bin....don't worry another one will come along shortly.

I joke around with people saying that I should take stock in the tape and paper because we go through  A LOT of it in our home!


Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

Lovely post. Great airplane! Just found your blog recently. Will be reading it as I get time. Have a great week. :~)

Deanna said...

It looks pretty super to me. Sweet treasures.

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