Friday, December 30, 2011


For Thanksgiving this year we went to Trav's Sister's house for dinner.
 Rose has a nice house for this type of event.....
 She had a room set up for just the kids, with toys and video games and movies that they could watch.
 I made these two shirts that morning, so we could all match in our Turkey Tshirts! Although the day got away from us before we could take a family picture with them on.


 Then Rose had bought some cool little toys for each of the kids to play with, although I think they got some help playing with them as well.
 Then us "women" were in the kitchen cooking. I must say I did VERY LITTLE, but was willing to help wherever I was needed. But April and Cindy had everything under control.
 Rose (Trav's sister)
 Derek (Rose's husband) he had some drink mix, although I forget the name now...
 April (Trav's sister)
The only picture of me from that day, as the camera woman....I am willing to make that sacrifice! 

Rose and Derek's dining room is the PERFECT size for all of us! We had a kid's table set up and an Adult table, then off in the other corner a buffet of all the yummy food! 
 While we women were in the kitchen, the men were suppose to help "watch" the kids! I must say that they did a good job! No fighting and no one got hurt!
 While waiting for dinner I helped the kiddos make "placement" cards for their spots.
 Brandon was mostly concerned with eating and playing....Brandon, Sierra (April's daughter) and Nathan
 Kimball, Brittney (April's Daughter) and James.
 After dinner we all retired to the living room to watch a movie, I believed we watched the Sorcerer's Apprentice. It worked out good, the kids played in their room and we chilled on the couch and floor.
 After the movie we had our YUMMY pies and then retired for the evening. It was another wonderful holiday! I do hope that we continue to have Thanksgiving at Rose and Derek's place, it was a lot of fun!

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