Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So excited...

Yesterday was just a good day.....

I ran my first ever mile without walking!! Very excited....I am on my way to running a 5k now!!!

Travis let me buy fabric to make some Easter ties and skirt!

Okay so maybe an awesome night!

I got this, from the Fat Quarter Shop, it's The Quilted Fish, Sugar and Spice. I tried to find the link for it but I think I got the last bit of it! Phew! Glad I ordered it when I did! 
I plan to make the boys the ties that I made from the FNSI. Super cute and super easy. For Travis's tie I will just take one of his ties he has and make a template out of it, and make him a regular one.

Then I am going to make myself a matching skirt out of the fabric, and hopefully with the leftovers I can make a cute little fabric flower to wear in my hair.

Example:  Skirt
Fabric flower

I am going to attempt to make this skirt with NO PATTERN....I know I can do it, so maybe I will take some extra fabric of some sort and make a "practice" skirt. 

I guess I am just thrilled that I finally came up with an idea that me and my boys will "match" (I can't believe it took me so long to actually come up with this). And Trav didn't care what fabric I chose! He was easy peasy and went with the flow. 

Then I am not sure if you know who this lady is.....

Even though I have never met her....Travis's aunt who lives in Idaho knows her and her Mommy!! So I feel like I have some sort of connect....even as thin as it is....there is one!!! But anyway, Camille over at Simplify has a theme, or color scheme of Teal/Aqua and Red. She has just turned me on to those colors and I love them! She also has several lines of Fabric through Moda, last of which is Bliss. (I have a jelly roll that I am so afraid to cut into because I like it so much!) 

Back to the main point....I am just excited that I will actually have some cloths with it! And I can see my boys with a tie like it...oh they will look so cute!!! Had to share my good news!!! (Don't worry I will post pictures of them when I am done!! Maybe even some family pics with them!)


Amy said...

That is awesome @ you non walking mile, way to go! I think running (jogging) is hard, but once you hit milestones like that it's so exciting, yeay for you! And -- I would love to come see/work with you on making Cody a tie for Easter... but if you're a work alone kind of gal that's okay!

Stephen and Heather said...

That is awesome that you ran a mile without walking! That is fantastic!!!
I have wanted to make ties for my boys and then a matching skirt for me. I wanted to do this and then go get our pictures done at the temple. Maybe you will have to help me when you figure out your skirt. I am hoping this summer to make it down a couple of times to see everyone. You will have to let me in on all your sewing "secrets".

mj said...
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mj said...

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Jo said...

Way to go on the run...me can't do it. I walk 2 miles about 5 days a week. If I am in a hurry I try a run but my knees just don't do it well. CONGRATS to you!!