Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some I-Spy Blocks

I am so impressed on how on the ball people are! I sent out details (okay so my address) on Friday last week and I have already received 4 packages! You impress me people!

Here are some blocks from Group A: (If you are curious what group your in, let me know and I will tell you)

I am lovin' those tractors! The top navy blue one is stars (sorry I didn't get as good of a picture as I thought)


I love those Wellington boots!! Then the cowboy stuff (a weakness of mine). Just adorable!

I love the shelve with all of the cooking items! The red/orange is some cute airplanes and then the blue/white and black are little zebras! (I really apologize my pictures aren't doing these blocks justice!)

Then from Group B:

I am lovin' the fish and the owls. So cute! 

You would think that getting packages in the mail of cool i-spy blocks would be awesome enough, what else did I find in them???

A cute and adorable little pouch!!! Thank you again Kristy! It help make my day! 

Then I got to Amy's package and she sent me the cutest thank you card

Isn't that adorable? I think it is so cute that I am going to frame it! Also having looked at it for a bit, I think it would be a great inspiration for a quilt! 
I am not posting this to let my other i-spy swappers feel bad for not sending me something, NOT MY INTENTION!! I just wanted to say an extra thank you and frankly I think it is so sweet. I consider myself a rather nice and considerate person, but think of sending some little treat for the person in charge of the swap?? NO!!! I just think it is amazingly sweet! And because I know how much I have enjoyed it, I think I might need to put goodies in all of my swap packages too. 

So I have a SURVEY question (to check if people actually "read" my blog). Since I was so surprised to see these treats I want to know if you have done the same thing? Sent a goody to the person in charge of a swap. I have been in about 6-8 different types of swaps and have never done it. Just didn't cross my mind. 

So do you or don't you???

I want to make sure I continue to have polite etiquette in this area. Or is there a online blogger etiquette class? (If there is sign me up!)


Janet said...

I don't send something every time cause I just don't have time to make things, but I did for one swap I was in. I sent a mug rug to the swap organizer and she was thrilled.

Monica said...

I don't usually send a little something extra. It's usually an afterthought kinda thing.

martilindsey said...

Never even crossed my mind to send a card or goodie. Some people are just naturally sweet and thoughtful, others of us (like me) need to work on it ;-)

Marti in San Diego

ccorey said...

This is my third swap and haven't sent anything yet, but it's a cute idea. (I've doubled a couple of Wendy's fabrics in my batch, but I'm in group A anyway. Great minds think alike.)

Mike and Wendy said...

I feel like a jerk! I'm usually very thoughtful. I've been in several myself and never thought of sending an extra something to say thank you. I've always left it at just saying thank you. Definitely have to remember that next time.

Brandy@YDK said...

what group am I? I need to know - I can't handle the suspense. I've only done 2 other swaps and didn't send a present. Man I suck.

Bree said...

I gotta get on the ball!

Honestly, I've never even thought about it, but now that you mention it, it really is a good idea as a thank you for all the hard work the organizer does. Especially in something like this where you'll be sorting through lots of fabric squares!

Riel Nason said...

Hi Crystal, Yes, I am here reading, and yes, I confess, you will find a little extra something for you in my package when it arrives. (I sent it Monday or Tuesday) ;-)

Manda said...

Yeah, no. And I probably never will either, and I refuse to feel guilty about it. I'm not a bad person- I promise.

Manda said...

Oh, but I have started the habit of presorting my stacks.

Michelle Evans said...

i've never heard of it or thought of it, but i think it's so nice!! i'll have to start that from now on. thanks for sharing! :)